Our Impact

We have developed a sustainable way of giving:
Free the Need has been successfully spreading surplus for 33 years and counting

Food that nourishes the soul

“My most important job is that of a parent. Before I knew about Free the Need, it would stress me out if my daughter wanted to invite friends over for dinner, because often times I had just enough for us. Thanks to Free the Need, we always knew that we would have enough food and that she could invite her friends to dinner. Having this food made our home a good place to be; the variety of fruits and vegetables powered my daughter's brain. I know she is such a fine investment and that she will give back to the planet in a way that is productive and positive.”

To feed a child, you must feed a family. Children are affected most severely by food insecurity, in order to reach the children we must reach their most important caregivers, their parents. When a family receives a food box every week, it is more than just simple food. It is the ability to use their resources for other essentials with the knowledge that the basics are taken care of. Children have their needs met and don’t have to worry or wonder about being hungry. They can focus on school, sports and just being a kid.

Supplies that inspire hope

“The Back to School program was a big relief on my tight budget and on me, knowing my five kids were going to be taken care of and prepared for school. They all came home well equipped and happy. They even slept with their new backpacks for a week!”
Breaking the cycle of poverty with the children of our community happens both at home and in school. Education, more than any other factor, determines the opportunities available to them in the future. Free the Need launched its Back to School program in 2003. The one-day store enables K-12 youth to focus on achieving academic success by providing clothing, backpacks, school supplies, personal care items and more. To date, Free the Need’s Back to School program has assisted over 3,000 students to be prepared for school.

Holidays that spread love

“The big box I received was overflowing with food that I couldn't eat on my own, so I invited some of my neighbors, older folks living alone like myself, and we all cooked Thanksgiving dinner together. Now it's a tradition.”
Every week, Free the Need volunteers provide food and yearly we expand our program to reach as many families as we can to create a bountiful Thanksgiving meal. We provide the whole foods from which each family can create recipes from their own family traditions. Each box is big enough to feed a family plus guests so the surplus reaches far and wide into the holiday season.

Clothes that enable success

“I had my first job interview in five years and was really nervous about it. A Free the Need volunteer was so encouraging and helped me pick out an outfit I felt confident wearing.”

Distributing good quality clothing is central to Free the Need’s mission of breaking the chains of poverty. When you have that spiffy new pair of pants or that flattering top, you are looking your best and you feel that way. Throughout the year, our recipients have access to clothing so they can progress toward their goals, whether it be a new job or a place to live, they can dress for success. There are two times a year when clothes have a particularly poignant place. The holidays and back to school. Everybody wants to celebrate with family and friends dressed in their finest. Kids particularly feel pressure to have something new to wear when they start the school season.  We provide good quality new and gently used clothing that kids and parents can choose from during the giveaway.

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Every time you share your surplus, you inspire abundance

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