Our Team

100% volunteer powered since our founding in 1989
Mei Fode

Serving since 2012

Mei first heard about Free the Need through her friend, Lori. She is a contractor in San Francisco and wanted to take care of her guys when things were tight. Lori suggested she come to Friday Food Day. Mei soon became an integral part of the team. Always bringing her enthusiastic joyful spirit.

Marleny Luna

Serving since 2013

Marleney is a big personality who is always looking for ways to spread her surplus. Right away, she started volunteering at every Free the Need event adding her fun and flair and lots of love. With her big heart and joyful personality, she has reached both kids and adults with surplus of food, clothing and toys.

Joslyn Goldberg

Serving since 1992

This is Joslyn, one of our sweet and enthusiastic volunteers. We were introduced to her one Friday in October 1992 when she drove by a small front yard filled with busy volunteers and wholesome produce boxes, and we sure are grateful she stuck around for the party. 

Stephanie Zamudio

Serving since 2017

“I like the fact that we are not throwing away all this extra stuff that we have it’s still useful. I also like that we’re giving back in a different way, with our time – you get those sweat droplets running down your face, you know that it’s going toward something. And I like seeing the families and their faces when they get their food box. I love it.”

Stephen LaRoe

Serving since 2012

“It started with just wanting to be a part of the fun that everyone was having together doing the food program and now volunteering is a big part of my life. I use it as an excuse for relating with my friends who also volunteer and as an excuse to be more active.  It’s also been fun to learn about grant writing and taking on more responsibility as a leader of the food program.”

Corporate Volunteers

Free the Need hosts Volunteer Days for groups from companies who want to team-build or increase employee collaboration by engaging in a program that gives back to the community.

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