Our Partners

Partnering with Free the Need is Win-Win: we help local businesses reduce waste and together we have a positive impact on our community

What our partners helped us accomplish in 2019


Pounds of food


Backpacks with supplies


Thanksgiving turkeys
Become a Sponsor
Surplus has many forms: Free the Need is grateful to our sponsors who allow us to do what it takes to gather surplus food, clothing, and housewares and spread it around to those in need. Currently we use donated space in San Francisco from MC Metals Inc. who hosts our weekly Food Day and from the Grocery Outlet in Yreka which hosts our annual Thanksgiving Giveaway. Our programs simply wouldn’t be possible without local community support. To become a sponsor, please contact us directly.
Meet a Donor

“It’s great what you guys are doing. I’m glad to be a part of it and I wish I could do more!”

– Saleem Ghishan

There is enough to go around and it’s just a matter of spreading the surplus. Free the Need has established relationships with several groceries and wholesale businesses who give hundreds of pounds of fresh produce each week. At the end of business for them, there still remains surplus food that might otherwise go to waste. Food that might not be sold but food that is ready to be consumed. We are so grateful to our food donors for giving us their surplus so that we can spread it around to the people who are in need.

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