Give the Gift of Surplus

We believe everyone has a surplus of something and that there is enough to go around. Your contribution directly supports mission specific programs that serve families in need.

Single Gifts

Declare There Is Enough to Go Around

The success of Free the Need is entirely due to people like you who give their surplus time, money and resources. When you decide to make a financial gift not only are you providing basic needs for families, but you are also creating a community where the idea that there is enough to go around becomes real. This idea infuses our interactions and joins together diverse individuals, from sponsors, donors, recipients and volunteers alike, all dedicated to distributing surplus.Your contribution makes a difference in fulfilling that mission.

Recurring Gifts

Make a Lasting Impact Over Time

When you make your donation a monthly gift, you are ensuring that volunteers can continuously spread surplus throughout the year. Our weekly surplus food and clothing programs are the backbone of the services provided with your gift. Even a small monthly donation adds up and has a ripple effect on the well-being of hundreds of families and children throughout the year .

Matching Gifts

Combine the Power of Individuals with Companies

With matching gifts, you or a group of your fellow employees contribute a donation (for example, $1,000) to a non-profit. Then your employer will also kick in $1,000 making a combined donation of $2,000 through employer matching gift programs. A wide range of businesses, from local establishments to large corporations, make generous matching gifts providing employees a powerful voice about where the company’s charitable dollars are spent.

See if your employer will match your donation. We can assist you with accessing the information for your company’s matching gift program and easily start the process to double or triple your contribution.

Free the Need is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. All donations are tax deductible.

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